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Exploring North Karnataka Coast on a rainy weekend

It was 8.30 p.m. in the evening on a July Friday and i was standing at Borivili ( Mumbai ) to catch the Mumbai to Goa A/C Volvo bus schedule to arrive at 7.30 p.m. I was on the way back to Bangalore after visiting some friends in Mumbai and i decided to take the longer journey via Goa and South Maharashtra coast. South Maharashtra has some beautiful and unexplored beaches and i decided to stop by and check out Tarkarli, Malvan, Vengurla and Sindudurg before heading out to Goa.

It was unlike me to take A/C Volvos on my solo trips ( i secretly take pride in being a hardcore traveller ) but since my stomach was not in the best of behavior and i was feeling a bit tired too i decided to gift my body some luxury. Luxury comes at a cost and it was not only money but also time i learnt. It was 10.00 p.m. before a bus comes which turned out to be some Non A/C Non Luxury bus. There was a guy in the bus who was in charge of explaining the change in situation and picking up passengers who has booked for the original bus. He mentioned that this bus would take us to Panvel or Andheri where we would be transferred to the real bus. Since the bus number given to the passengers and the number of the bus which arrived were different there would be confusion everywhere it stopped to pick up the passengers. Mr. Bus Guy Coordinator would pacify the irritated passengers with the promise of the luxury of the original bus from Andheri or Panvel onwards. Calm usually prevailed within minutes of this piece of good news doing the rounds. It was around 11 p.m. when we reached Panvel and got transferred to the original bus.

Mr. Bus Guy Coordinator passed on the entertainment responsibility to Salman Khan. Salman Khan soon took over through three Tv's iin a single bus ( one right next to me with Salman Khan personally interacting with me ). I was not ready for ' Ready ' ( the name of the movie ) but when Salman Khan wants to have a personal interaction with me i don't think there is anything in the galaxy that i can do about . Mr. Kahn started " Dhinka Chika Dinka Chika " ( the all time super duper worstest song of all times ) the moment i started getting sleepy and that was it . You just cannot escape the charm of Sallu bahi even in your sleep. Around midnight we stopped for dinner and i was too sleepy to remember what i ate. After dinner i mentally showed my middle finger to Mr. Khan and went to sleep.

Its past 6. a.m. when i wake up after a good night sleep ( compared to bus standards ) and i decided to scrap South Konkan and head to Goa and North Karnataka. North karnataka coast though is more visited compared to South Konkan but still quite unexplored. 10 kms before Goa the bus encountered a traffic block due to a truck breakdown in the narrow ghat roads. I must have been the only one who got down and walked through the village roads and took a shared ( shuttle ) auto rickshaw packed with villagers and school children to a small town on the Goa boarder. I took a Madgao bound local bus from there. After getting down at Madgao, i headed to my favourite haunt in Madgao - Longinhos. Too early for lunch and just in time for for a late breakfast i had some bacon, eggs and toast and beer ( one can never be too early or late for beer )

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Travels through plantation country

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls

This was not the first time i was going to Wayanad as its one of my most popular weekend trip and trek destination and as a tour organizer i have taken many a groups to this beautiful hill district in the north eastern corner of Kerala.

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